Dividends4Life: Buy Dividend Stocks When There's Blood In The Streets

All too often, individual investors sell through the downturns and miss all or a large portion of the eventual market rebound while sitting in cash. The lesson is not to give up on stocks, even when the market appears poised for further pounding. Where there’s pain, there’s gain, and times like these often times present some of the best buying opportunities. We suggest investors focus on dividend paying, low volatility stocks when investing during difficult times

Stocks with low volatility, reasonable valuations, and higher than market dividend yields remain extremely compelling in a world where the 10-year Treasury yield has fallen below 1.5%, a level unthinkable just a few weeks ago. There are many other stocks–too numerous to mention in this short space–which should outperform the overall market should the recent correction continue. Investors simply need to focus on those with relatively lower volatilities, good valuation metrics, and if they can be had with a good dividend stream, so much the better.

Source: Forbes

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