Dividends4Life: Higher-Yielding Consumer Stocks To Build Your Yield

An investment strategy based on Dividend Growth Stocks focuses on companies that produce predictable results and thus are able to consistently raise their dividends. Demand for household and personal care products is generally stable and not affected by changes in the economy or other factors. If you lose your job, you probably won’t stop bathing, washing your clothes, brushing your teeth or stop buying toilet paper. That's why companies in the Consumer Defensive sector are sought after as desirable dividend growth investments.

The Consumer Defensive sector has been a steady performer over the years for both yield and growth. Given the relatively low price of most consumer goods, people often prefer to pay a few pennies more for a name brand that they are confident with. Investments in the Consumer Defensive sector brings yield stability and potential dividend growth to an income portfolio. This week week, I screened my dividend growth stocks database for Consumer Defensive companies with a yield above 3.00% and that have increased their dividends for at least 8 consecutive years. The results are presented below:

Source: Dividend Growth Stocks

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