Dividends4Life: Green Dividend Stocks Yielding Over 4%

Green Dividend Stocks Yielding Over 4%

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Renewable energy is energy from sources which never run out. But there is something greener than renewable energy: using less energy. Investors who apply “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” to their portfolios are not only less likely to see those portfolios reduced, they could be recycling dividends for a long time to come. Recent economic turbulence has brought down stock prices of several “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” companies to the point where they have yields well over 4%, backed by reliable earnings.

These four are high yield and have the financial muscle to keep paying even if the economic climate takes a turn for the worse. In order of increasing yield: #1 ABB Limited (NYSE:ABB), #2 Waste Management(NYSE:WM), #3 Waterfurnace Renewable Energy (TSX:WFI, OTC:WFIFF) and #4 New Flyer Industries (TSX:NFI, OTC:NFYEF).

Source: Forbes

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