Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks For A Stormy World Economy

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As the European debt crisis heats up, and China tries to accelerate while transitioning to more domestic consumption, and as the US faces its fiscal cliff, and 50% of the world's GDP approaches scheduled political leadership challenges, it would be nice to be in or have a list of "weatherproof" companies to withstand an economic "storm".

A weatherproof company might be seen as one with a global footprint that has had less severe price declines in panic periods, that is not overlevered, that has high liquidity, and enough profit margin to absorb some revenue hit, positive cash flow, sales growth, above average dividend yield and dividend growth. And lastly, it would be nice if the analyst community thought the companies that had those attributes were also good choices. The 4 companies that came through all that were: Chevron (CVX), Raytheon (RTN), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Abbott Labs (ABT).

Source: Seeking Alpha

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