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Dividend ETFs Under The Microscope

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This is the second in a series of articles that looks under the hoods of ETFs with "dividend" in their names. This article covers three ETFs whose names (or the names of their underlying indexes) imply "high yield." The ultimate goal is to discover if there is a dividend ETF that closely replicates the strategies, processes, and/or results of the many dividend growth investors who frequently write and comment here at Seeking Alpha.

After examining 5 dividend ETFs in two articles, a few individual stocks are starting to emerge as common top-ten holdings: AT&T, Chevron, and Procter & Gamble are in three of the top tens, and several other stocks are held by at least two of the dividend ETFs examined thus far. The 12-month dividend yields are surprisingly low, whether the ETF claims to be "high yield" or not. All the yields are between 2.0% and 3.4%.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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