Dividends4Life: A Common Sense Guide to Dividend Stocks

A Common Sense Guide to Dividend Stocks

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As I've been expecting for years, the world is now flocking toward World Dominating stocks... Right now, investors are fleeing bank stocks and mining stocks... the kind that tend to be very speculative. But most every "World Dominating Dividend Grower" (WDDG) stock is holding up just fine these days. While the market is sinking, stocks like Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart are near yearly highs. I'm not surprised... As I've been saying for years, these stocks are different from typical stocks. They are different from "the market." WDDGs are vastly better.

If I could teach investors just one thing, it would be how to identify and value a World Dominating Dividend Grower business. It's the single-best way to get rich in stocks... Let's use Microsoft as a "case study"... Microsoft is the World Dominator of personal computer software. Its Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office products enjoy enormous market shares of approximately 90% worldwide. So all over the world, whenever someone buys a PC and needs an operating system and office productivity software, he buys Microsoft nine times out of 10. Nothing dominates its market the way Microsoft dominates PC software. Even Intel's share of the global microprocessor market is "only" 80%.

Source: Daily Wealth

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