Dividends4Life: Stick With These Dividend Aristocrat Stocks

Stick With These Dividend Aristocrat Stocks

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I’ll just start off by saying that in my opinion, a growth dividend strategy for common stocks – quality, multinational common stocks, U.S.-based if possible – is the best single investment vehicle to focus on. We have this environment of repressed interest rates and dividend-paying stocks. Equities are most likely the single greatest opportunity for fiduciaries, investors, individuals with assets seeking more than negative real returns. Negative returns are likely the returns of investing currently in sovereign debt, including that of the good old U.S.A.

But I say, “Well gosh, Wall Street pundits and others who seem to know what they’re doing are visibly extolling the virtues of dividends. To agree would normally suggest that this dividend growth trade is over-owned and hopelessly consensus.” Most of my life I’ve tried to avoid being described as a consensus thinker. Not just the ability to pay dividends, but the willingness and philosophy on the part of the management to share the company’s prosperity with the shareholder. Certain managements don’t believe in that. They believe that no one can run the company’s money better than they can, so they don’t pay dividends. Or if they do, they’re miniscule.

Source: Forbes

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