Dividends4Life: Hidden Value Found in Forgotten Dividend Stocks

Danny Esposito, co-editor for top financial web site and newsletter Penny Stock Detectives, believes there is compelling value in dividend-paying stocks that have experienced a rough patch in the past causing investors to ignore them. According to a recent article by Esposito (see Profiting From Overlooked Dividend-paying Stocks), with these stocks that disappoint, investors tend to sell first and ask questions later. Usually, once sold, investors forget these stocks and move on.

“These overlooked stocks with sound business models and a detailed turnaround plan can outperform the market by a wide margin once the turnaround actually occurs. It is important, however, that these firms convey their turnaround plans in a clear and detailed manner to shareholders,” notes Esposito. Esposito highlights the fact that, while waiting for the turnaround to occur, investors are paid a dividend that is typically higher than what banks and treasury bills are paying.

Source: PRWeb

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