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Dividend Stocks To Retire With

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A cornerstone of any investment portfolio is low-volatility stocks, that is, those that don't react sharply to market swings and, as a result, have more reliable returns over time. Those types of investments have proven to lose less in down markets or periods of faster inflation, helped by dividends. "Over the past 50 years, the least-volatile stocks have performed about as well as the market, but with far less risk," Morningstar analyst Samuel Lee writes.

They can be your best friends if you are risk-averse, only a few years away from retirement or in the early years of retirement and want to maintain stock-market exposure, so stuff some into your 401(k). But investors should be cautioned that these stocks underperform in bull markets, as is evident in returns this year. The S&P 500's index is up about 8% for the year, but most of the top 25 stocks summarized below are showing losses.

Source: The Street

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