Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks That Will Outlive the Hype

Dividend Stocks That Will Outlive the Hype

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With dividend investing suddenly in vogue, my inner contrarian shudders with every pro-dividend TV segment and newspaper headline. "Leave my beloved dividend stocks alone!" -- I think and drift into memories of the good old days when the media celebrated cash-flow negative "growth" stocks and sneered at corporate bellwethers as "stodgy" and "grandfatherly." But then my better judgment appeals to me: It's for the best.

I too am pained by the attitude that dividends are a harbinger of corporate doom, a sentiment that -- despite the growing popularity of dividends -- has left many investors conflicted. First off, history is firmly on the side of dividend-paying stocks: collectively, they outperform. Second, why should the owner of a company only enjoy the fruits of corporate success by relinquishing ownership? This is perverse! If you love the company you own, you should profit more by owning more.

Source: The Street

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