Dividends4Life: Small Cap Dividend Stocks are the Answer

Small Cap Dividend Stocks are the Answer

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It has long been the contention of many articles on www.smallcapnetwork.com that dividend paying small cap stocks such as Penn Virginia Corporation (NYSE: PVA), Lexington Realty Trust (NYSE: LXP) and Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation (NYSE: ANH) have a place in a portfolio. A recent article The Wall Street Journal by Shefali Anand, "Goodbye to Market Timing," confirms this.

Mr. Merriman-Cohen observed that, "I disagree with the advisers that think they can reliably beat the markets. The more complicated (the systems) are, the less likely they are to be effective." There is nothing more reliable and less complicated than receiving a dividend check in the mail or having it transferred into your brokerage account. Small cap dividend paying stocks such as Penn Virginia Corporation, Lexington Realty Trust and Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation are the answer to those believe that profits from market timing are out-of-the-question.

Source: Small Cap Network

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