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mREITs With 13.0% And Up Yields

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Agency mortgage real estate investment trusts (mREITs) provide up to 16.6% annual dividend yields. Most investors desire a safe 16.6% dividend yield. Investors must recognize what data indicates a relatively safe mREIT versus a risky mREIT. With interest rates expected to remain low, and little likelihood of any policy changes, the next 12 months offer a tremendous opportunity for investors to capture double-digit yields from government-backed securities. Anworth, with its solid management experience and track record should be at the top of the list of yield seekers in 2012.

Anworth is trading at a discount to its book value per share. The company has announced a common stock buy back plan. Investors are eagerly awaiting the December 31st book value per share and earnings results. I own Anworth shares and believe they offer a compelling value.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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