Dividends4Life: High-Tech Stocks That Could Become Great Dividend Stocks

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In the past few years, I've continually marveled at the stunning piles of cash parked on the balance sheets of many high-tech firms. These companies had been holding lots of cash to stay strong in case industry conditions waned. But even with the sharp economic blows of 2008 and 2009, their cash piles just kept growing. They've been saving for a rainy day that's likely to never arrive.

I've also been noting how these companies could boost shares by committing much of that cash to stock buybacks. Yet software giant CA Technologies. (NYSE: CA) may have upended that theory. In late January, the company announced plans to super-size its dividend, from $0.20 a year to $1 a year. The dividend yield suddenly shot up from 1% to more than 4%.

Source: Street Authority

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