Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks: One Of The Few High-Yield Alternatives

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"The search for income is driving people to look more at equities because they just aren't getting it from bonds, money market accounts or CDs because interest rates are so low," she said. Corporations declare dividends to distribute a portion of the company's profits to shareholders. Like it or not, dividend stocks may be one of the few high-yield alternatives for the foreseeable future.

"High-quality companies not only offer attractive yields relative to cash, but also have the potential to grow their dividends over time, which should help keep up with inflation," said George Emanuele, a vice president and investment adviser at PNC Wealth Management, Downtown. "Not only do dividend-paying equities offer an attractive income stream," he said, "but since 1926, dividends have accounted for approximately 44 percent of total return and dividend payers have outperformed non-dividend payers."

Source: Post-Gazette.com

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