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Dividend Stocks Not Overvalued Yet

Posted by D4L | Wednesday, February 29, 2012 | | 0 comments »

Dividend stocks generally do not appear to be overpriced at this time. This article explores data that supports that conclusion. Some individual dividend stocks may have risen sufficiently in price to be considered overvalued, but overall the category still appears to be reasonably priced relative to its own recent history, and in comparison to non-dividend stocks.

In a future study, we plan to analyze an even larger group of dividend and non-dividend stocks over a longer time series, and to segment the dividend stocks into those (1) that have a yield well below the market yield, (2) those that have a yield near the market yield, and (3) those that have a yield well above the market yield. Overall, we feel dividend stocks as a group have a way to go before they are too expensive.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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