Dividends4Life: The Best Dividend Stocks for 2012

The Best Dividend Stocks for 2012

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2012′s rally has so far been very impressive, but a lot of investors are nervous it is running out of steam. If so, 2012 might see investors playing the same strategy so popular in 2011: Dividend stocks. Indeed, dividend income was a popular choice in 2011, and the heavy demand for it sent stock prices up for more of the higher-yield companies. So we were wondering what companies might shape up to be the best dividend stock picks for 2012. For ideas, we took a look at valuestockguide‘s list of dividend companies that all:

1. Pay cash dividends (“Companies that regularly pay cash dividends are typically strong companies”)
2. Have a history of consistently increasing dividends (They “generally have strong fiscal discipline and shareholder orientation”)
3. Have reasonable valuations (P/E ratio of 15 or below)
4. Have market caps above $30 million.

Source: Kapitall

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