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Solid Dividend Stocks

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For many investors, 2011 should be remembered as the year of the dividend.Weary of market volatility, investors are flocking to dividend stocks to lock in yields often twice the meager 2% return on U.S. Treasuries. Dividend stocks will likely remain popular as long as fears of Europe's debt crisis and a double-dip recession grip the market.

An added bonus is dividends that may get a nice boost next year if companies start distributing more of their record cash stockpiles to boost shareholder value. But investors shouldn't wait for dividends to be raised further. It's far smarter to lock in a 4% yield (which is still pretty good) from a solid company's shares now, for example, and watch that dividend payout grow to become a 6%, 8%, 10% –even higher — yield on your original purchase price.

Source: Jutia Group

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