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Dividend Stocks to Put Money in Your Pocket

Posted by D4L | Sunday, January 22, 2012 | | 1 comments »

Anxiety over the European debt crisis and distrust in the markets drove volatility in global stock markets to dizzying heights in 2011. The intense level of chaos, and record low bond yields, sent investors scrambling for stocks that deliver steady returns in the form of dividends. Dividend stocks have long been regarded as "widow-and-orphan" stocks because they provide steady payouts and tend to fall less than others when times are tough. And when stock prices fall, dividend yields actually rise because they reflect a percentage of a stock's price. Meanwhile, some investors tapped into dividend yields of more than 4% -- more than double the feeble yields of 10-year Treasuries -- on the stocks of utilities, manufacturers, and telecom companies.

The problem with going for capital growth is that you very often don't get it, and then you've got nothing - the investment just sits there," said Money Morning Global Investing Strategist and Editor of the Permanent Wealth Investor Martin Hutchinson. "Dividends are easy - you can drop them on your foot, as it were. All you have to do is figure out which companies are run by sharpies - and are paying dividends out of capital - and which companies have genuinely solid business models that aren't going away." Still, buying dividend stocks can be tricky. Individual stocks are inherently risky because they are confined to one sector of the economy. As such, they tend to rise and fall along with the rest of their industry peers.

Source: Money Morning

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  1. High Dividend Mutual Funds // January 22, 2012 at 11:43 PM

    Completely agree with you here, dividend investment is like a passive income where money works for you and continuously puts money in your pocket. Its much better strategy than investing for capital gains where your investment can go down drastically with market fluctuations.

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