Dividends4Life: Dividends again in the spotlight

Dividends again in the spotlight

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Josh Brown of The Reformed Broker named income worship as one of his dominant investing themes of 2012. "I believe that the big lesson of the past year is that market timing, for most investors, was a fools game," he writes. "With almost daily 200-point swings in both directions, many investors who chose to get in and out ended up doing little more than whipsawing themselves in the end." Dividend stocks aren't the only way in here. There are also cash distributions from master limited partnerships, which are structured to avoid paying corporate income tax

But let's get back to dividend stocks. A number of websites have listed the best dividend stocks around. I'll summarize them below: DuPont (DD), Veolia (VE), Waste Management (WM), Kraft (KFT) and Royal Bank of Canada (RY).

Source: MSN Money

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