Dividends4Life: Congress’ Favorite Dividend Stock

Congress’ Favorite Dividend Stock

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It’s the most popular high-yielding stock owned by members of Congress. And they might be on to something. Right now this stock yields 5.9%… and it’s one of the most stable dividend-payers in the United States. During the recession, dividends stayed steady, but in the past five years, investors have enjoyed five annual dividend increases. At last count, 57 members of Congress — 20 Democrats and 37 Republicans — owned shares of this company. Insider-trading is legal for members of Congress and many of their high-ranking aides. They can trade based on the information they encounter in their day-to-day work, even it if it is nonpublic information.

Meanwhile, according to a Barron’s story, members of Congress outperform your typical investor by an extra 6.8 percentage points each year. We’re not suggesting Congress has inside information on AT&T (NYSE: T) — the high-yielding stock that’s owned by nearly 60 members of Congress (that makes it the most popular income stock owned by our representatives). However, when dozens of millionaires with a history of beating average investors year after year own a particular stock, we think it’s smart to pay attention.

Source: Traders-Blog.com

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