Dividends4Life: Tech Stocks With Strong Dividend Growth

Tech Stocks With Strong Dividend Growth

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When you think of tech stocks you don’t think of dividends. Investors like to see growth in their speculative tech investments and a dividend is often believed to be a sign that a company that is reducing its investment in future developments. The truth is that mature technology companies with proven business models have a history of increasing their net income and are able to return that income to shareholders while they continue to invest in and growth their business.

Paying a dividend is good, but growing the dividend is best. Our favorite technology dividend stocks yield 3% or more and have a history of growing their dividend. A high dividend growth rate drives the dividend higher to either increase the yield or maintain the yield against an increase in stock price. We found 6 tech stocks with a high dividend yield and a 5-year dividend growth rate over 4%.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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