Dividends4Life: Stocks That Recently Announced Double Digit Dividend Growth

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Companies with a stable business and solid financials can consider an adequate increase in dividend payments without threatening the operating business and long-term growth perspectives. If you look at dividends, you also have to look at the rate of dividend growth. The dividend growth should represent a big part of the company’s long-term growth. Good running stocks increase their dividends but better running stocks boost dividends.

However, I screened stocks with recent dividend hikes form last week. There are six stocks that have announced that it will raise dividends by more than 10 percent. These are the results sorted by dividend yield:

1. Merck & Co. (MRK)
2. Aircastle (AYR)
3. Crown Crafts (CRWS)
4. Prudential Financial (PRU)
5. AmerisourceBergen (ABC)
6. Lincoln National (LNC)

Source: Seeking Alpha

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