Dividends4Life: Mr. Market Says: 'Ban Dividends'

Mr. Market Says: 'Ban Dividends'

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John B. Keown of The Graham Investor recently enticed the reclusive Mr. Market into his first-ever interview. Among other things, Mr. Market revealed that he is not really manic-depressive, but that he does control market prices and sets them crazily sometimes. He gets fun out of watching humans react. The interview apparently went pretty well, because Mr. Market agreed to let me talk with him about dividends. I’ve been trying to get Mr. Market to speak on the record for years, so I am thrilled with this opportunity. I particularly wanted to get his views on dividends and dividend investing.

Mr Market "Dividends are a crazy invention. I’d like to see them banned. Because it’s harder for me to mess around with dividend investors. It takes some of the fun out of what I do. It’s harder to entice dividend investors into accepting crazy prices than the other ones. But [smiling] it’s not impossible. Actually I enjoy the challenge."

Source: Seeking Alpha

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