Dividends4Life: Gold Stocks With High Dividend Growth

Gold Stocks With High Dividend Growth

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Gold stocks are not a place investors typically look for high dividend yields. No gold stock currently offers new investors even a 3 percent yield. But that could soon change. A number of gold companies have been increasing their dividends at a rapid rate, some of which didn’t even offer a dividend until recently. A rising dividend means that investors who got in early, when the stock price was lower, actually earn more than the currently offered yield.

The rising price of gold likely has a lot to do with it. Gold prices are up nearly 30 percent over the last year, and more than 50 percent over the last two years. As a result, companies that mine the precious metal are prospering. Gold miners are becoming increasingly flush with cash, and are passing on some of those extra earnings to shareholders.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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