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Dividend Stocks Keep On Giving

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Investors these days are inundated with uncertainty. Not to recite the litany of potential problems threatening the health of the increasingly weak global recovery (European debt, slowing growth in China, the U.S. recovery losing steam, etc., etc., etc.), but we have a lot weighing on our shoulders. Navigate to any news site and you get swamped by these stories. Enough of it.

Investors need to fight to remember some of the most important (and oftentimes basic) tenets of investing at times like these. So, enough with the negativity. We here at the Fool invest for the long term exactly for that reason: We don’t know what the future will hold, especially in the short term. However, we do know that buying quality companies at low prices, reinvesting the dividends, and holding them for the long term generally produces at least satisfactory results, and hopefully much better. In line with this, I’ll present you with 13 cheap, high-yielding stocks that have impressive histories of growing those payouts.

Source: Motley Fool

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