Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks for a Global Megatrend

Dividend Stocks for a Global Megatrend

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The best investment advice I ever received is to look for "megatrends" -- trends that fundamentally change how we live. These trends often last decades and are usually the result of changing demographics or new technologies. Megatrends frequently present ground-floor opportunities for investors. Recognizing and investing in companies that benefit from a megatrend is one of the surest ways to lock in long-term returns.

But there is an even bigger megatrend that is rarely discussed and has global repercussions. I'm referring to explosive growth in the world's population, which is expected to nearly triple to 9 billion by 2050. This growth will result in global food shortages within 20 years, according to some estimates, unless farmers can greatly increase food production. It is estimated that food supplies must grow at least 70% in order to satisfy world hunger. And in case you haven't noticed during a visit to the grocery store, demand is already driving up food prices.

Source: Street Authority

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