Dividends4Life: Berggruen Bullish on Dividend Stocks

Berggruen Bullish on Dividend Stocks

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Billionaire investor Nicolas Berggruen is worried about global economic turmoil just like the rest of us. But that’s not stopping him from buying undervalued stocks, including those that pay dividends. Europe’s debt crisis and slowing economic growth worldwide are obviously having an impact on financial markets. “I’m not optimistic in the short term,” Berggruen tells The New York Times.

“I just think that if some businesses are going to survive, it’s worth investing now as long as it’s a real business, and as long as you don’t have to sell the stock to make a mortgage payment or eat next week.” And Berggruen likes dividend stocks — “something I’d recommend to my mother.” In particular, he cites Nestlé and Anheuser-Busch InBev, “If I had to put all of my money away and come back in five years, this is what I would do,” Berggruen says.

Source: newsmax.com

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