Dividends4Life: Top Dividend-Yielding Stocks

Top Dividend-Yielding Stocks

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Investors face some difficult choices in today's markets. The recovery in the U.S. economy seems to have stalled, and talk of a double-dip recession is in the air. Meanwhile across the pond, Europe faces the specter of widespread government defaults. In this light, and given the recent downturn in the markets, equities look like a fairly risky option. But given the rush toward safety and fixed income investments over the past few years, yields on fixed income securities are incredibly low. The yield on 10-year treasuries is less than 2%, while opting for a 30-year note yields investors little more than 3% per year on their investment.

This sort of environment makes stocks with good dividend yields a potentially attractive option for investors. A healthy and safe dividend yield offers some solace in the midst of market volatility, and relative to fixed income, patient dividend investors could potentially get the benefit of both higher yields and the prospect of long-term capital appreciation. Investors following this type of strategy would have generated relatively pleasing results so far this year.

Source: Morningstar

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