Dividends4Life: These Stocks Provide Higher Dividends

These Stocks Provide Higher Dividends

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For millions of investors, dividend stocks have become the gold standard on which they base their entire portfolios. Even better are stocks that increase their dividend payments every year. But as the end of the year approaches, some stocks that have long streaks of annual dividend increases on the line are getting into crunch time. Although nothing in investing is certain, you can usually count on these companies to do everything they possibly can to keep their streaks going.

The pinnacle of achievements for dividend stocks is inclusion in what's known as the Dividend Aristocrats. Every year, Standard & Poor's goes through the thousands of stocks that trade on U.S. exchanges looking for those that have increased their dividends every year without interruption for at least 25 years. The resulting list is a select group of top stocks that usually numbers between 40 and 50.

Source: Motley Fool

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