Dividends4Life: Build Your Own Pension With Dividend Stocks

Build Your Own Pension With Dividend Stocks

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For every yin there is a yang. When it comes to the markets, high unemployment, debt crises in Europe and low growth in the U.S., are all leading to higher risks and general declines of late. So if that is the ‘yin’, where is the ‘yang’? It comes from those rare opportunities to generate higher income portfolios for life. We may be approaching one of those in the coming months.

Who cares if you don’t have a corporate pension. A weak market with strong dividend yields can be even better over the long term. It is a rare opportunity to be treasured, if you can build a retirement portfolio of strong companies with divided yields of 5 per cent or more. If you have had good advice or been smart yourself, you may just be able to take advantage of these investments in the coming weeks and months. If it is built right and timed right, you may just start your retirement with one of the best pensions around.

Source: Globe and Mail

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