Dividends4Life: Blackrock CEO Larry Fink Prefers Dividend Yielding Stocks

Washington's protracted brawl over the U.S. debt ceiling and deficit reduction "truly showed how dysfunctional our government has become," Fink added. "We lost one of the main foundations for investing—the certainty of good government." And the problem hardly is confined to the U.S.; European leaders, he says, need to "create confidence" for investors, not turn to short-term fixes for the European Union's worsening debt woes.

That said, this former mortgage trader prefers stocks over bonds. "Do I believe equities here represent a good opportunity?" he says. "Absolutely. You have companies trading with dividend yields above 5%. With interest rates as low as they are, equities are a very powerful alternative for income, long-term inflation protection and price appreciation."

Source: Barons

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