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Time Is Right For High-Yield Stocks

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Prompted by a host of financial and economic developments, a growing number of investment advisers are steering their clients toward dividend-paying stocks. "We are resolute in our belief that large, high-quality, dividend-paying companies, many of which are hiding in plain sight, offer a compelling investment option for growth and income," Mark Luschini, chief investment strategist at Janney Montgomery Scott, wrote in his latest memo to investors.

With the economy in slow-grow mode and interest rates very close to historic lows, there's the belief that dividend-paying stocks could actually be safer than long-term bonds. While investors who hold bonds to maturity can expect to get their initial investment back, bonds do lose value when interest rates rise. Investors who have to sell bonds (or who invest in bond-holding mutual funds and exchange-traded funds) could lose money when rates rise.

Source: Reuters

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