Dividends4Life: A Regal Dividend Stock That Is Very Cheap

A Regal Dividend Stock That Is Very Cheap

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To dividend investors big sell offs like the one we have witnessed over the last couple of weeks provide tremendous buying opportunities. That may sound like a big DUH, but as Warren Buffett says, "When the water goes out it's easy to see who was swimming naked." We believe Mr. Buffett meant that statement in the context of wrong bets related to debt. We have found, however, that "when the water goes out" in the stock market, it is much easier to see those companies that are not only fully clothed but are regally attired. Regally attired in the sense of having the rare qualities of unquestioned safety and consistent growth.

There are a handful of companies in the world that can qualify under our most stringent safety and growth standards, unfortunately, these companies are almost always fully priced. Everyone knows they are outstanding companies and everyone owns them. The only time we can buy these regal companies at bargain prices is when a big sell off in the market causes people to abandon stocks in general. When that happens, like over the last few days, the regal stocks get thrown out with the common folk. Let us discuss one stock that we consider regal, Johnson and Johnson (JNJ).

Source: Rising Dividend Investing

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