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Reasons to Stay Positive on Stocks

Posted by D4L | Saturday, August 13, 2011 | | 0 comments »

With the stock market seemingly dropping almost every day lately, investors are concerned and perhaps have become overly negative. It is easy to lose sight of long term goals when the world seems to be full of problems, battling one crisis after another. It often appears that the challenges facing the global economy will never be resolved, but it is important to realize that the world has always had major challenges and economic problems.

Here are several reasons why it makes sense to remain positive on stocks and do some selective bargain hunting, perhaps in some of the names below: 1. The price of oil is dropping, 2. The markets were able to close above a key support level on the S & P index around 1249, 3. Stocks are at historically cheap levels, 4. Interest rates are extremely low and likely to stay low for the foreseeable future and 5. Many market gurus and analysts believe the markets are set to end the year higher.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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