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Hold These Funds Forever!

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Investing magazines have had cover stories about funds to hold forever for as long as there have been investing magazines. The concept is fascinating; it would be great to buy six or eight or ten stocks, funds or combo of the two and never have to make a selection again. People who are still accumulating could just buy in proportionally every month and of course the buying could be automated so the investor wouldn’t have to do anything. Seriously, such a holy grail would solve a lot of problems for people.

If I were constructing such a portfolio I might include client holdings Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Philip Morris International (PM) for domestic exposure, for developed foreign I might go with Global X Norway (NORW) and iShares New Zealand (ENZL), for emerging markets maybe iShares Chile (ECH) which a few clients own (I have a few shares too) and something covering Africa one way or another. I might include a couple of themes like water and infrastructure to tap into the ascending middle class. And I think a gold ETF would be important too.

Source: Wall Street Pit

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