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Dividend Takeaways After a Volatile Week

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Takeaway 1: The strong always survive. We may not have seen the last of the selling this time around. But the rule that stocks of solid, dividend paying companies always recover lost ground--as long as they stay strong--was demonstrated again during this week’s action. Remember, the important thing is always how your companies are doing and how well they’re supporting dividends. The rest is a side show, exciting but ultimately irrelevant to wealth building and garnering superior, safe current income.

Takeaway 6: The market volatility of the past week may indeed be winding down, if today’s action is any guide. But until the US economy really does accelerate, it’s bound to return from time to time. In the end, the action is likely to prove as ephemeral as this week’s turbulence appears to have become. But while it lasts, all too many investors will be at risk to making emotional and therefore potentially disastrous decisions with their money.

Source: Investing Daily

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