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Dividend Stocks with Buffett’s Criteria

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I’ve praised Warren Buffett in this space before, and for good reason — he has one of the most successful — and longest-running — investment track records in the world. Better yet, he always manages to keep a level head even when the markets are going haywire. In fact, he has almost always managed to use those times to make masterful moves that yield longer-term profits. And I would argue that his success is largely based on his ability to relentlessly focus on important fundamental measures of a business’ worth … regardless of what others are currently thinking.

Of course, dividends are an area where Warren and I somewhat disagree … or at least where our purposes dictate we differ. It’s not that Buffett doesn’t buy dividend-paying companies. In fact, many of his biggest holdings — stocks like Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble — are among the elite stocks that I like to call “dividend superstars.” Of course, I tend to emphasize dividend payments far more than Buffett does.

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