Dividends4Life: Cheap Foreign High Yield Stocks To Consider

Cheap Foreign High Yield Stocks To Consider

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Cheap Foreign High Yield Stocks by Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment. Topics of our time are Debt Crisis, Jobless Rate, Recession, Government Spending, Trade Deficit and QE by the Federal Reserve. These are themes that devaluate the U.S. dollar in the long-term. For investors it could make sense to escape from the country and allocate funds abroad in order to find new growth perspectives and to realize foreign capital gains.

I screened all high yield stocks (dividend yield of more than five percent) of U.S. listed companies with headquarter outside the United States. In order to limit the screening results, I decided to implement three additional pricing criterions. First, the stock should have a low forward price to earnings ratio (a value of less than 15). Second, the price to book ratio must be less than the current share price (a value below one) and finally, the price to sales ratio should be cheaper than one too.

Source: Dividend Yield - Stock, Capital, Investment

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