Dividends4Life: Dividend-Paying Stocks, A Proven Road To Wealth

Short sellers as a group aren’t necessarily right any more often than buyers are. We’re all human and every investor needs to look at the world through his or her own eyes. The portion of market rumors that wind up having even a grain of truth to them is a lot worse than one in a hundred. But many more could still have an impact on a company’s share price. If you’re serious about building wealth, it’s vital to be able to focus on facts, even when the rumor mill is working overtime.

Know the vulnerabilities of your companies to the worst-case scenarios that may hit the economy and markets later this year. And by all means take action if you’re in any way uncomfortable with the risks. But if a company does stack up well, don’t let others panic you into abandoning it. Buying and holding healthy and growing dividend-paying companies through thick and thin is a proven road to wealth building. But it only works if you have the courage of your convictions. And that means relying on your own eyes and ears rather than the rumor mill.

Source: Investing Daily

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