Dividends4Life: Top Fund Managers’ Favorite High-Dividend Stocks

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Top fund managers share several different qualities. They tend to stick around for awhile, they adhere to a strict investment discipline and they like stocks paying higher dividends with strong performance records.Morningstar this morning takes a look at 26 top-rated mutual fund managers to weed out which high dividend paying stocks are their favorites. Interestingly, a minority focus on dividends as their prime investment thesis.

The 10 most widely held stocks by top fund managers are (by current yield as listed by M*):Vodafone (VOD): 6.1%, Nestle (NSRGY): 5.7%, Eli Lilly (LLY): 5.3%, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): 5.1%, Total (TOT): 5%, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY): 4.8%, Merck (MRK): 4.3%, Pfizer (PFE): 4%, Abbott (ABT): 3.8% and Philip Morris (PM): 3.8%

Source: Barron's

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