Dividends4Life: Top Dividend-Yielding Stocks of Our Top Managers

Earlier this year, the Ultimate Stock-Pickers team put together an article highlighting some of the better-yielding stocks that our top managers held coming into 2011. Since that time, unrest in the Middle East, natural (and not so natural) disasters in the Asia-Pacific region, an ongoing European debt crisis, a falling U.S. housing market, a pathetic showing for domestic job creation, and the impending end of QE2 have all had an impact on the markets.

So it should not come as too much of a surprise that industries that have historically been popular because of their higher-yielding stocks have performed well in 2011. And yet individual investors continue to plow an overwhelming amount of money into fixed-income funds, which continue to offer little in the way of yield, in response to the ongoing volatility in the markets.

Source: Morningstar

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