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One of the reasons dividend investing has always been so appealing is that it never required much skill. All you had to do was go to the same spots visited by virtually every other income investor -- namely, the financial, health care, and industrial sectors -- and reel in blue-chip stocks sporting fat yields. Yet in the wake of the financial crisis, one thing has become clear. Some of those traditional sources of dividends are no longer overflowing with income.

So it's time to trawl for dividends in altogether different places. Whether you're a conservative investor who favors companies that give you a cut of the profits (because you don't think management knows how best to spend the money), or you're a retiree seeking to maximize yield and minimize risks, you'll want to diversify your sources of income. Fortunately, these new sources of dividends will help you do that. They're also in a position to grow their payouts over time, reducing the chance that you'll fall short of your income needs down the road.

Source: CNN Money

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