Dividends4Life: How to Finding the Safest High-Yield Stocks

If you don’t have dividend stocks in your portfolio, you’re making a costly mistake. Why? Because the best-performing stocks over the long haul are dividend stocks. Period. Countless studies prove it, too. But don’t waste your time on Google trying to verify that claim. The evidence is right here.

As you can see, dividend payers – especially companies that consistently increase their dividends – trounce non-dividend paying stocks by a country mile. So why do investors routinely shun dividend investing? Well, aside from being “boring,” many investors actually consider dividend stocks risky due to the financial crisis. But don’t be so influenced. It’s actually easy to find high-yield, dividend investments in this zero-yield world. And not only that, ones that are reliable and virtually immune to dividend cuts or suspensions.

Source: Wall Street Daily

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