Dividends4Life: Dividend Stocks to Weather A Bad Economy

Dividend Stocks to Weather A Bad Economy

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The sailing adage "any port in a storm" might apply to dividend-paying stocks as economic growth slows. They're a good place to anchor up while the economy sorts itself out. The stocks offer strong returns via dividends as well as the potential for share-price appreciation. While they can't guarantee you won't have losses, dividend stocks can help limit them. Plus, a steady dividend is indicative of a company with growing earnings.

Dividend stocks are more attractive than ever. The U.S. economy produced only 54,000 jobs last month, more than 100,000 less than forecast by most economists, according to a government report today. That's as the housing industry falls into a deeper slump, and consumers rein in spending. U.S. benchmark equity indices today fell to their lowest closing levels since March.

Source: The Street

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