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Billionaire's Favorite Dividend Stocks

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Jim Simons' Medallion Fund is the best hedge fund that we have come across. The firm charges a fixed 5% management fee and takes 44% of the returns generated. After these expenses are deducted Medallion provided an average annual return of 35% to its investors. A couple of months ago, our calculations showed that Medallion's annual alpha is 34%. The success of Medallion fund is why Jim Simons is one the wealthiest people on the planet.

Simons' favorite high dividend stock was LO, which returned more than 17% since the end of March. This has been an amazing pick for Simons this year. Simons had $360 Million in LO at the end of December, and the stock returned 18% during the first quarter as it was revealed that the regulation on Menthol cigarettes weren't as restrictive as feared. Simons' trimmed his position by 38% during the first quarter, yet it was still his third largest position. First Eagle Investment Management and Paulson & Co.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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