Dividends4Life: Looking for Basic Materials Dividend Stocks

Looking for Basic Materials Dividend Stocks

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Basic materials are hot right now. With oil prices rising past $110 a barrel, copper setting all time highs, and steel close to its 2008 peaks, many investors are scouring the markets for good investment opportunities. Some investors look at basic materials as good dividend stocks - strong consistent dividends; however, it can often result in simply chasing the highest yield.

The top yielding basic materials stocks when adjusting for risk and growth had no overlap with the highest yielding stocks. The closest was NUE which had a yield of 3.1% and an estimated forward yield of 3.7%. Some of these stocks had yields less than 1%, but scored well since they had very strong growth prospects. Furthermore, these companies appeared to represent a more diverse group of industry segments further suggesting that they might represent growth champions.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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