Dividends4Life: How to Buy the Right Dividend Stock

How to Buy the Right Dividend Stock

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I have a confession to make. I am an “extreme couponer”. Laugh if you will, but in the last month I obtained all my family’s toothpaste, deodorant and paper products for FREE. Why pay more for something when it can be obtained for nearly nothing? I carry this same sense of bargaining when looking for dividend-paying common stocks to invest in. I never buy retail in my real life – why should I start in my investing life?

The key to buying well is – buy the right stock at the right price. Getting the right price for your stock means assessing the market, looking out for undervalued market segments, and creating a watch list of individual stocks with fundamental and technical characteristics that look to be on the rebound. Once a new investor learns some basic assessment and trading techniques, they can better “sleep at night” with common stocks that they hold for dual purposes of income and capital appreciation.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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