Dividends4Life: Utility Stocks Paying Dividends Upwards of 4%

Utility Stocks Paying Dividends Upwards of 4%

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Thanks to the Fed's massive expansionary policy, government bonds yield almost nothing, if not negative. Given the low yield of bonds, high yield utility stocks offer safe and higher returns. The utility companies produce and distribute essential services such as electricity, gas, as well as water services. There are integrated companies as well. Most utility companies pay outstanding dividends. Here is a list of 13 high-yield utility large-caps, paying excellent dividends over 4%.

Note that while utilities offer high yields which will surely beat the government bonds, the utility sector has its own risks. Nuclear power and energy generation are particularly important subjects for both political and environmental authorities. The trend for liberalization and increased competition is still going on. No company can keep its monopoly status forever.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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