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Periodic Table of Dividend Champions

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This is an update to the first Periodic Table of Dividend Champions, published last December. For our periodic stock table, the two key characteristics that determine the presentation are yield and dividend growth rate (DGR). Once again, I give my thanks to David Fish for his blessing in allowing me to stand on his shoulders and present various snapshots of his terrific Dividend Champions work. This presentation is based on David’s document dated March 31, 2011. For the uninitiated, Dividend Champions are stocks that have increased their dividend payout for 25 consecutive years or more. At the moment there are 100 such stocks.

I am making what I believe is an improvement in the presentation of this table. Last time, I used the five-year dividend growth rate (DGR) as the determinative growth rate for location in the table. This time, in the interest of being conservative, I am stealing an idea from Dividends4Life and displaying the lowest of the 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-year DGRs.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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