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Dividend Stocks For The Long Run

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Dividend stocks are a great way to boost your long-term results. Investing in dividend-paying stocks also provides your portfolio with a nice safety net when the stock market gets volatile. As an investor, you must realize that not all dividend-yielding stocks are created equal. Your goal should be to look for companies who are consistently raising their dividend because of strong cash flows. Dividends which are high solely because the stock price has plummeted are a much more risky investment.

Investing in dividend-paying stocks should typically be a long-term commitment for investors. Trading in and out of this type of company is often not rewarding financially, and it will simply cause you to pay significant expenses in commissions and taxes. Find some solid dividend-yielding stocks and stick with them for the long-term. Here is a look at five of the top dividend-yielding stocks for the long run.

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